Spilled Ink



Assemble by Blule



all i want is the avengers trying to help steve track bucky down and being hugely unsuccessful

and then when they get into a tight spot and theyre all fighting, steve is in the middle of punching something and a couple of hydra dudes go down pap pap pap

he looks up and who it be but a mysterious black figure glinting silver perched on a nearby roof with a Dragunov who then immediately disappears

and like every single mission afterward bucky is always somewhere picking off hydra dudes who get too close to steve for his liking. tony keeps trying to close him in with strategic maneuvers and fails every time. bucky starts texting steve like “stay out of blind corners moron I can’t cover you” yet wont answer the phone when anyone tries to call the number. clint starts a betting pool. thor is like “well maybe if we offer him a little more he will join us” so finally one night they all get really drunk and draft up a contract and bruce comes up with the idea to leave it on steve’s windowsill because clearly bucky’s obsessed with him

everyone laughs but in the morning the contract is gone

two days later it’s back on the sill and it’s signed “SGT. JAMES BARNES (Bucky)” in shaky block letters. tony files it. they all wait. steve cleans all the bathrooms like 400 times bc hes so nervous

bucky shows up the next day looking like a sad trash hobo with DRUMROLL natasha who has been on his tail the entire time and managed to get him to not kill her and slowly convinced him to join the avengers also she started working some impromptu therapy on him so he’s not a total basket case he at least has a sense of self and is going by a name even though he’s still heavily traumatized and suffering from severe PTSD and DID

steve almost cries. clint starts a new betting pool, this one on how long it will take before steve and bucky start sleeping together (bruce throws in $100 and goes “today”). tony is almost drooling over the chance to get a good look at his arm. natasha rolls her eyes and just goes “take a shower barnes”

bucky goes “only if the captain comes with me” and steve’s eyes almost bug out of his head and they leave and clint practically throws the money at bruce and bruce just grins and pockets it and polishes his glasses 


avengers 2 sypnosis:

  • everyone talks about what they have been doing since the first movie
  • clint just sits there staring into the camera like he’s in an episode of the office


Their first meeting is less than auspicious. Steve is confused and angry, Tony is disappointed and hurt. Neither of them seems aware as to why each of them brings out such strong emotion in the other. They just know they rub each other raw. 

War stops for no-one’s hurt feelings and in scant time, Steve calls Tony by his given name for the first time. Friction is still there though. The best they seem to be able to hope for is a businesslike relationship.

Yet in only a few hours time, these men who have never met before. Never trained together, who have had no time to study each other’s fighting styles or tactical methods, move together in harmony. They are perfectly synced. Each knows inherently where the other is. Tony knows to his core that Steve will turn precisely when he needs him to. Steve knows with a resonance in his bones, exactly where Tony will step, how he will place his body. They know without words that each will always have the other’s back. All within knowing of each other’s existence for less than a day.

How? Soulmates. They are meant to be. Be it as teammates, brother’s lovers or friends. The lives of these two men are intrinsically bound. Always.

let’s do a headcount